Office and yard:

24 Sangmeister Rd

Ste A

Frankfort, IL

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To ensure staff is available to assist you, call 1 hour prior to your arrival

My car has been towed. What should I do?

If you have specific questions, please call us at (815) 717-9000

Here is our standard procedure for impounded vehicles.

* No vehicle will be released until all charges have been paid.

* Any vehicle under police hold will not be released without a police hold release form.

* Registered owner of vehicle must be present and hold a valid driver's license.

* Current valid insurance card is required.  Paper insurance card only.   Insurance cards on you phone/tablet will not be accepted.

* Vehicles will be released only during office hours unless prior arrangements have been made.

* Office Hours are 9:00am - 4:30pm Monday-Friday (Closed major holidays)  Call 1 hour prior to you arrival to ensure there is staff available to help you.

*  A $60 Gate fee will be charged for all after-hours pick-up.

How can I get my belongings from my vehicle?

No personal property will be released from any vehicle until all charges have been paid, except for items required by law.

These items include:

* Money - Cash, Credit Cards, Checks, Checkbooks

* Drivers Licenses - Any wallet, purse, or other property containing any drivers license or other identifying documents/materials

* Keys

* Perishable Items - Food, Medication, eye glasses

What if I can't afford to retrieve my vehicle?
Please call us at (815) 717-9000  We Can help.